IMG_0124s_1.jpgDaniel Morales, MBA, PhD


Providing Business and Economic Development Strategies that bring Prosperity to Local Communities and the Planet.

Daniel Morales, MBA, PhD
is a Master Teacher, Trainer, Coach, Trusted Advisor, Strategic Consultant and intuitive counselor to government agencies, non-profit organizations, individuals, small business and corporations.

Daniel teaches and provides training and consulting on high performance best practices to create and increase value by transforming business and economic development challenges into strategic creative outcomes and sustainable profitable and innovative solutions.

Daniel has extensive years of experience as teacher, trainer, entrepreneur, director, leader, advisor, manager, coach and consultant to thousands of individuals and organizations. His philosophy is based on the principle that a multi-disciplinary approach to any challenge delivers the best solutions.

Daniel is about authentic leadership, creative value and executing meaningful transformation.

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Daniel Morales